Richard E. Williams
June 22nd, 1950 - August 25th, 2016
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A Husband...
Richard Williams was a loving Husband to Georgina Williams.  He gave her his heart and she filled him with happiness.  This picture was taken on their first date in 1995 after he "accidentally" shanked the ball to land right in front of her feet.
A Father...
Richard Williams was an amazing father. He raised his two boys, Ross and Richie Williams, who both followed in his footsteps and graduated from FSU. He gave his sons everything they needed to excel in school, arts, athletics, and life. He was a loving, giving, and caring father.
A Brother...
Richard Williams had a strong relationship with his brothers Jerry, Kenny and Johnny Williams.  They are the definition of brotherhood and are role models of what it means to be family.
A Son...
Richard Williams  loved his mom with all his heart.  She was the angel in all of our lives.  She was so caring, giving, and loving, and she meant the world to all of the Williams family.  We are all at a loss this week, but are comforted that our Angel Audrey is there to reunite with her son Richard in Heaven.
Richard Williams was a Fighter!
He fought for his health as he was faced with Kidney Disease.   Thirty years ago, an elderly woman had died of old age, but she was listed as an organ donor.  Her kidney saved Richard's life.  Fifteen years ago, a young athletic man was killed in an accident, and he too was listed as a organ donor.  His Kidney saved Richard's life for a second time.  These two strangers we have never met gave a gift that was invaluable.  They gave Richard 30 more years to be a husband, a father, a brother, a son, and a friend to so many.   They gave all of us the blessing of 30 more years of life with such a wonderful man.  We could never thank them enough.  It was Richard's wish for us to ask you two favors:  please take the time to register as an organ donor and in lieu of sending flowers, please make a donation to The National Kidney Foundation so that others can receive the gift of life.

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Richard E. Williams 
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In Memory of Richard E. Williams - June 22nd, 1950 - August 25th, 2016
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